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Jazz Kissa ( Jazz Coffee Shop ) Masako in Shimokitawaza, Tokyo Japan

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In Japan, there sill are unique Jazz coffee shops called Jazz Kissa, which are filled with 50s or 60s Jazz atmosphere. People there are often keeping silent to listen to jazz music from nice audio speakers. Actually back in 60s or 70s of Japan, this kind of Jazz Kissa was very popular amaong fans. College students often spent a few hours there with reading books and jazz music in background.

But this jazz kissa style is getting out of fashion in Japan. Many of good places closed and new trendy shops took place. I also enjoyed jazz kissa very very much when I was a studnet.

My residence was close to Shimokitazawa at my school days. After school, I went to a jazz kissa for conversation with friends and for reading books inside. The jazz kissa was called MASAKO. Masako was a owner's name who died long time ago. The jazz kissa, Masako, also closed by the new development of Shimokitazawa station area.

When I found that Masako was no longer in opperation, undiscribable saddness covered me standing at the place of Masako although nothing was there expecting new building to be appearing soon.

People sometimes feel the stream of the times by looking at something familier. I understand my passed time when I see the fence of my neighbours which used to be very tall and now it's under my shoulder.

I remembered myself with only 500 yen for a cup of coffee when I saw vacant place of previous Masako coffee shop. That's a beautiful memory. Masako was my beginning of jazz.

The first note of Miles Davis trumpet in Autumn Leaves in the record of SOMETHING ELSE by Cannonball Adderley. That was my first encounter with Miles Davis, and I will never forget the musisc's impact on me at 19 years old.

My jazz journey started from the jazz kissa, Masako. I think I could live a good time to appreciate jazz in Jaapn.





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