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I used to love the Beatles

My biggest change of life in the last 10 years is that I lost my interest in the Beatles. Actually I was heavily influenced by them, and I could not even imagine that I would live my life separately from their music.

I still love their music. I know my biggest motive to live my life was them. Without them, my life would have been totally different from what I am now.

Apart from that fact of mine, now theri music is not as important as it used to be for me. How can I explain this ??

Maybe like this... while I was growing in my mind, I always needed them. I needed my hero in my mind to grow up, in that sense the Beatles were like my visible sample of fantastically succefull life. Now my life is not on the stage of growth, it's now on a kind of settlement in both heart and phisical.

Now I don't need a kind of stimulation to my life. Beatles were my necessary stimulative power for a long time,

It means, probably, my life is now close to the ending compared to the time of my growth with the Beatles. I know it.

However, if I would be asked " what kind of music dd you want to be played at my funeral ?", I would soon answer, "Beatles numbers please". It's because their music has been always with my mind.

When I always loved listening to their music, Beatles were like my parents in the same house. After the separation from them, they still have been like my parents who live separately and sometimes contact over phone or letters. In any case, their existance was the great part of my life.

John and George are no more with us, but that is not so important for me. They are all my 'virtual' heros ( or parents) all the time.

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