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A Happy New Year 2013 after Toshikoshi Soba, Year Passing Soba


Today is the New Year's Day of 2013.
In Japan, most of the shops and businesses are closed except some all year running shops like Seven Eleven. It's just a relaxing day and we often go to shrines to pray with our wish for the new year, which is called Hatsu Moude in Japanese, and this custom is a long remaining Japanese life heritage probably since the birth of the religion, Shinto in Japan.

Yesterday, what we usually do is having Soba. This is also an old traditoin of Japan. For the time of changing the years, we have Soba. This Soba eating custom is called Toshikoshi Soba, which should be translated like Year Passing Soba.

The Photo is my Toshikoshi Soba at home by my wife's cooking. It's really simple, I added Shirimp Tempura on the top of hot Soba ( some like cold soba better even in the Winter). Taste is also very simple but I like it so much. We enjoy the flavor of Soba with the taste, so we don't change the essence of the food by arranging much.

I had Toshikoshi Soba at home, but many people also have it at Soba restaurants. Famous Soba restaurats have the busiest time in the year on 31st of December.

Also, today I went for shopping to a electric equipment store nearmy house without thinking something especially to buy in my mind. As I wrote, most of the stores are closed, but occassionally some try to sell even on the New Year's Day in Japan. So I went to see something new at one of the running shops today.

Cameras were impressive. I like taking photos and I've been working on photo taking since the 35mm analog film cameras were top share models. Recent cameras are really fantastic with easy handling functions and high quality photo result. In addition, the price is amazingly low in comparison with the quality. I have some cameras but new ones displayed at shops make me feel like trying them.

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