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Katsu Curry at Home and Birth of Katsu Curry at Swiss Restaurant in Tokyo.


I can't go a week without curry dish. I love Indian curry and Japanese curry especially, as cooking Indian curry is a really hard job for me, Japanese curry is my home curry all the time. Actually Japanese curry is thought to be an imitation of Indian curry, but the taste of them are really different from each other. Many say Japanese curry has both sweet and hot taste, and rahter sweeter than Indian cury. For me, it's a matter of the taste difference, not a matter of hot or spicy level. Actually Indian Curry often is too sweet for me to taste. I tried some Butter Chicken Curry in NZ, which was too sweet although maybe they are in some ways arranged into local NZ style.

As for Japanese curry, making it at home is not that hard. Curry sauce is sold at any food stores, so we can make curry with it by adding vegitables, meat, and water. Curry sauce has variety of types from sweet ones to hot ones, or standard ones to specially blended ones. I love Java Curry (spicy type) of HOUSE food company. House brand is a kind of sign of high quality curry of Japan. Actually the House curry items are all really good.

Today, I added Katsu or Tonkatsu on the top. Tonkatsu is also a standard Japanese food, which is deep fried pork cutlets. As photo, it's called Katsu Curry in Japan. Katsu and Curry meet very well in the taste balance.

Katsu curry was born about 60 years ago in Japan by a request of a famous baseball player of Japan then. He usually dined at a restaurant called SWISS in Ginza, Tokyo and he asked the chef if he could have curry rice dish with tonkatu on the rice. That was the start of Katsu Curry Dish in Japan. The restaurat, SWISS, is still operating the business in Ginza. The shop is really small with only 10 tables or so, but the atmosphere of the exterior and interior is really nostalgic for me. I also love Swiss restaurant in Ginza, where used to be my repeating lunch place when I was working in Ginza. Still, I sometimes try the Katsu Curry at Swiss when I visit Ginza, Tokyo. Price is slightly higher than casual curry shops in Tokyo, but it's worth visiting. The taste of Katsu Curry is just old day's Japanese Katsu curry. Maybe you can find good Katsu Curry places around in Tokyo, but this place is a kind of remaining memory of Katsu Curry of Japan.

Please see Swiss Homepage if you want to visit !

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