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Hope Ken Ramen at Home


Making ramen at home is not hard work. Most of the ramen products contain noodle and soup and all we have to do is just cook them as instructed. Today's ramen products have amazing quality. Most of the "supermarket ramen" are really tasty even though we are not trained as ramen chef at home.

Ramen market has been in a really hard competition to win the people's favor. Just one popular item can make the ramen company rich enough because a real hit item reaches more than hundred million bag sales in Japan, which is a really good business.

Consequently, the quality has been always rising up by the hard requests from consumers. To be honest, I didn't like home made ramen at all when I was kid, the taste was really mess.

Today's choice was an iteresting brand ramen, Hope Ken ramen. Hope Ken is a famous and popular ramen shop in Tokyo, there are two branches in Kichijoji and in Sendagaya. I would often go there for filling my hungry stomach at night when I was a student in Tokyo. Hope Ken was popular then, and still it's good but many other new ramen shops recently invades the share of ramen popularity in Tokyo. In my opinion, Hope Ken recently lost its power in ramen market in Tokyo.

But Hope Ken ramen is still in my favorite ramen ranking. I often heard that Hope Ken ramen became a homemade ramen product, and today found it.

Taste is close to the real Hope Ken ramen but I didn't get my favorite flavor of it just as I used to enjoy. If I first tried this ramen without knowing real Hope Ken ramen, I would be pleased with the taste. It's a good tonkotsu ramen just like we have at some real tonkotsu ramen shops. I was not disappointed with the taste quality.

The ramen is about 300yen or 4 US dollars for 2 people amount in a bag.

BTW, the name, Hope Ken meas House of Hope. I'm enjoying ramen of hope ???


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