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Do you want to be born again in Japan ?

A few days ago I saw a news article, in whcih there was a question to average Japanese people. The question was " Do you want to be born again in Japan ? ".

About 68% people answerd YES. It's about 10% down (if my momoery is right) from last year's survey. I don't know if this 68% figure shows bright life or desperate life for standard Japanese people.

I asked myseld about it, and my answer would also be YES. I visited many countries and lived in some other countries than Japan. I often thought I shouhd have been born in the USA or other Western countries than Japan, but now I confess that I can't imagine myself being in other countries than in Japan. That's natural because I was raised here and it's not hard to live here. Probably I would not choose Japan if I was born in other places.

But what interested me most in the answers was, among those who answered NO, there were many people who don't want to be born again wherever it may be. They gave some reasons for the answer and the biggrst reason was that the actual life is really hard. They think no more life is needed if the life would be again very hard like present life.

I agree with them a little. Certainly living human life is interesting and fantastic for me, but I needed to face with a lot of hardship in my life too. If my life always had both joy and pain, I don't know if I would choose my next life for the joy in spite of receiving the same amount of pain with the joy.

I answered YES, so my life might not be worse than some who answered NO. I like living in Japan. But do I choose any other countries than Japan if there were much nicer countries than Japan ? To this question, I still answer " I want to be born in Japan again". because I can't live without enough Japanese food and my language. Such a tiny reason for many, but it's a really heavy matter for me.


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