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Yakitori Night of Japan


We, Japanese, like drinking Beer, Sake, or any kind of wines after working all day. Some say we need it because we go to take our stress of working away by drinking and laughing. I'm not working for a compnay now, however, I do agree with it. I rememeber the work of next day used to be much better when we had drinking party previous night.

Japanese Izakaya is a kind of magical place for Japanese people. We can talk, laugh, and sometimes cry even if we could not do like that in our day time working. Also the food of Izakaya is real joy for us. Together with beer or sake, all the variety of food from standard one like Yakitori to newly created dish by Izakaya master give us a certain reason to work and live ( no joke ). I love Izakaya that much.

When I have foreign visitors in Japan, I often take them to Izakaya and recommend Yakitori or something really Japanese. Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Tofu dish, Yakisoba, ramen, sashimi, sushi, gyoza, soba, udon, and many many more could be amazing experience for them at one place. Of course, if we try the real taste of those food, we should go to speciality restaurants just for a favorite food. For example, we go to ramen shop when we want it, like that, to tonkatsu place, soba place, udon place, sushi place...for all when we want. Actually, that's really smart way to choose the specializing restaurants because the taste is really good, and better than Izakaya.

However, recent Izakaya's food is all good in my opinion. Above all, one thing we can surely promise is that Yakitori is the food of Izakaya. If you want Yakitori, you should go to Izakaya. And you can have delicious Yakitori at many of Japanese izakaya places.

Tonight, I really had much Yakitori at Izakaya near my home. I remember how I missed Yakitori when I lived in New Zealand. Now I'm happy with Yakitori at Izakaya. This is my life style in Japan.

THEME:美味しかった♪ | GENRE:グルメ



I love your comment on Izakayas. I think alcohol definitely helps with this process of "laughing and crying"...probably at the same time (been there done that). Cheers!


Re: Izakaya

Hello Joe

Thank you for visiting here. I'll visit your blog too.




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