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Nasu Outlet and Lunch at Rin

Nasu resort is becoming colder everyday. This morning I worked at my garded for planting new trees. All the leaves of trees around my house have gone and they are still moving on the ground by the wave of the winds.

After that, I went to pick up my new glasses at Nasu Garden Outlet Mall. This mall is very clean and it has so many tenants that sell big discount things. My favorite shops are Banana Republic, Gap, Brooks Brothers, and some good restaurants inside. I work with my computer for a long hours a day, that's why I need eye- protecting glasses. Recent glasses are very cheap. The new glasses has eye protection for PC, UV cutting funtion with lens and frame included. This costs only about 10,000 yen, when I was a stundet, probably the same glasses cost double or tripple.


For lunch my wife and I visited the fabulous Chinese restaurant, RIN. This is located a little behind the main street so that local people are the major users. But the food quality is unbelievably high. I tried so many Chinese food in my life in Japan or in other countries, and from casual to highend places, I would say RIN is the best one. My wife also agrees with me and RIN is our recent best and most frequent choice for our lunch and dinner. Today, I had noodle dish and my wife had Chinese cili shirimp dish. Words can't explain how the taste is wonderful and the staff at the restaurant are really nice for guests. It's such a nice place. Please visit there if you come to Nasu.



After such a satisfying lunch, I bought some bread at my best bread place, Couronne. Many kinds of breads attacted my eyes, but I chose my favorite ones again. In Nasu, there is a very very popular bread shop amoung tourists to Nasu, called Penny Lane, which used to be my NO.1 in my life. After Couronne opened in early 2012, my best bread choice changed. Probably my wife much more keeps going to this shop than I do.

Nasu has so many good shops and sightseeing places. I think I'm a litte conservative about my food choice. I can't easily try new places if I once find my best one. couronne1.jpg
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