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Boring Japanese Jazz...Makoto Ozone and more

I love Jazz music. Nationality is not important issue. I love European, American ( of course) and whatever.

But I can't find a good Japanese jazz musicians. Some are famous like Sadao Watanabe, Hiromi Uehara, Katsumi Watanabe..and some more. I like Hiromi....but nore more Japanese players.

What I think to be boring about Japanese jazz is that I can't feel their emotion in the music. They play beautifully, but what they do is almost the copy of the original style. I want to listen to the original rather than copies.

There is so so nice pianist called Makoto Ozone in Japan. He plays clean, fast, correctl notes...but he is not interesting at all. Sometimes he plays like Oscar Peterson without soul. He is typical Japanese jazz pianist. Basically he doesn't have anything to impress us listeners. That' why his music is not popular at all in Japan. Hiromi came out years later than Makoto Ozone, but Hiromi already passed Ozone far behind and now Hiromi has fame in the world. I feel her soul from the first time I heard her music. I went to Ozone's concerts sometimes, but I can't remember his music at all now, or even just after the concerts of Makoto Ozone, all the music he plays soon dissappears from my mind. His music is so cheap, so it's easy to forget. His music doesn't have any survival spirit of human, which means there is no soul in his music.

Many of Japanese players play as if they know soul of music. But what they do is copying the soul ! They act like American in concerts, they act like American jazz musicians. What a shame. Copying music is still a cute boy's work, but copying soul and acting like a soulful man is just a complete joke like a soup opera. In that sense, many or nearly all the Japanese jazz musicians should not be called jazz musicians. They are just copycat entertainers. Makoto Ozone is also very great copycat entertainer, absolutely.






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