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Beatles and Jazz - Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery,George Benson, Brad Mehldaw...

I used to love the Beatles....I still like their music but my passion for them is already gone. Its true that my leading spirit to music was Beatles at my school days.

Many many of Japanese ( or world's) music lovers were influenced by the Beatles when entering into music creation. Some come ffrom classical music and some from jazz too, still there are so many people who have roots in the beatles.

Recently Al Di Meola released Beatles Jazz CD. He also says the first hero was the Beatles. I listened to some of the songs, and I understand he is truly knows the essence of the Bealtes because his play really captures Beatles music. It's surprising that he also loved the Beatles.

Pat Metherny also expressed his love to the Beatles, Brad Mehldaw picked up hidden Beatles numbers for jazz arrangement, Will Lee said he loved the Belates and he wasso glad when playing with George Harrison and Ringo Star. Consequently he formed a Beatles tribute band some years ago. Wes Montgomerry played Beatles' A Day in the Life, George Benson has Abbey Road Jazz album, many many more continue.

In Japan, it's said that many of jazz players or jazz lovers including jazz critics came into jazz by way of the Beatles.

I play the piano. Sometimes I pick up Beatlessongs for jazz arragements. They are really good often. I understand many of jazz players love the Beatles. Junk, Baby's Request, Your Mother Should Know, Love, Because, Honey Pie...these beatles numbers or solo numbers were really great when we played. Songs themselves are great enough to impress people by simple play. We don't need to play many notes. Simply, the melody is great. So jazz players love their songs.






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