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I'm writing my favorite things in Japan with Jazz music, travels, foods, and my life in nature. I'm Japanese. I write this blog in non-native languiage, English. There are many mistakes.

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I missed Helge Lien concert this year in Japan

I like European Jazz. Among them, recently Norwegian jazz are good to listen to.

Helge Lien and Tord Gustavsen are my favorite piano players from Norway. Both are not so famous in Japan. Myfriends don't know them at all when I try to ask even to jazzy friends. Only one friend of mine know them.

I don't know how many CDs are sold in Japan when they release new CD. I believe it's very small amout. Jazz is not so popular in Japan, in addition, the jazz fans in Japan don't know them at all....then who would buy their CDs ?

I'm one of the minority who buy the CDs of these artists.

This year, Helge Lien came to Japan, but I missed it because around his concert dates, there are many famous jazz musicians concerts in Japan. I needed to choose one from many.

I will wait for his concerts in Japan again, but nobody knows when it will be next time.....actually it's more possible that he doesn't come to Japan again.

Swing Journal and Rockin On / Japanese music magazines

In Japan we used to have a popular jazz magazine called Swing Journal.
At the beginning of the jazz era, it was very great in telling the good jazz movement to Japanese fans. Naturally Swing Journal became the top quality magazine of jazz in Japan.

Swing Journal closed its history in 2010 with less readers and advertising clients. It means jazz lost power in Japan. At the same time, I want to complain of Swing Journal and Jazz music talents too.

Firstly, Swing Journal didin't write new artists at all even in the year 2000. They still kept writing about Miles, Coltrane, Monk, Evenas, Powell, Elington....all the familier names were always found in the pages of SwingJournal. How many times do I have to read same kind of articles ?? I often wondered in my mind, and at the end I stopped reading. The final reason for it was that I lost interests in reading same things again ana again. Editors of the magazine were apparently too old and they didn't match new generations.

Second, it's also true that no good musicians came up after modern jazz giants died. Fusion movement created new fans but as a jazz fan, certainly old musicians were much better than new musicians. Maybe old editors of Swing Journal had the same feeling with me then. So musicians also should be blamed.

In a word, Jazz lived good times when jazz giants were alive. So it means Jazz died together with the death of such giants.

Some days ago, I saw rock magazine called rockin on and some other rock magazines too at a book store. I saw the same phenomena as I experienced with Swing Journal. They, rock magazines, are still writing Beatles, Zeppelin, Cream, Yes, Stones, Jeff Beck.....with so big photos. Of course the articles are so similar to what we've read many many times about them. They will soon lose power like Swing Journal did.

I don't like to follow the ghosts of past times.

Hawaiian Jazz

I used to live in Hawaii....only for a while, though.
It's a lovely place. I hope to visit next year again.

One thing I want to do in Hawaii is forming a Jazz band there. Hawaii's feeling doesn't match the jazzy flavour, but I want to play light jazz under the blue sky and beside the tropical ocean.

While I was in Hawaii, interestingly I don't listen to jazz or rock so mcuh...maybe not at all. It's because of Hawaii's nature around me. In that heavenly place, we don't have to express inner feeling or soul of human. We can just live by letting our body and spirit flow on the time.

Recently I want to play jazz in Hawaii....could be fun.

Russia and the USA

Recently all the media say that Russia is not cooperative ( in other word, Russia is bad ) in Japan, and maybe it's also the same in the USA.

In my opinion, Russia is not as bad as media say everyday. Also in my opinion, the USA is not as good as media say. USA is trying to expand globalism, and Russia is trying to keep national benefit ( not exactly nationalism). It's the matter of which side you like, Globalism or National Settelement. Agian, this is just my observation.

Japan ( Japanese media ) is writing from the side of the USA, so Russia is blamed in this situation. But when weJapanese think about ourselves, we are not globalism believers, maybe we are national tradition believers.

Then, why do Japanese media tell us Russia is wrong ? It's not hard to imagine the reason.

From different angle of view, any country become both friend and foe. It's decided by the times and power balance. We ordinary people don't like fighting or war. Peaceful life is the best. Invisible hands lead us to serious trouble, always by invisible magic hands.

Now I'm interested in Russia very much.